3 Feb 2007

NEWS: LAroye and KY "Storm" Official vinyl release 19.feb.2007

LAROYE AND KY feat. Marilyn David "Storm" (LDT003)

Official vinyl release scheduled for the 19th of february 2007.
Available through Discograph Distribution.
for Shops, Webshops, retailers, distributors...

Yes yes yo..to the beat yo!


21 Jan 2007

New artist joining LDT

Grand Phabao
(Timec) is joining the crew...
The french dub meister is actually remixing 'Storm' (LDT003).
His roots reggae version will be included on L'aroye & Ky 'Storm' Carribean remixes EP (LDT006 - scheduled for spring).
A Laroye & Ky 'Storm' latin boogaloo version is also part of this hot hot tropical vibe record.

Grand Phabao's participation to LDT006 remixes EP will announce the future release of his new single on our label:
LDT007 - Grand Phabao feat. Carlton Livingston, Militant k & Aleena 'Baby i love u dearly' ...including a remix by the Dreadless Soldier aka Erik Rug.
We are talking roots reggae and dub here. Fans of King Tubby, Lee Scratch Pervert Perry or The Scientist. This is for you.
Exclusive on Les Disques du Telegraphe.(later in 2007)

Also in the pipeline:

LDT005 - Erik Rug feat Dynamax (of the zulu nation) 'In you heart'
A disco rap number with Dynamax spreading the word and raising the flag.. an obsessive 'Peace, Love, Unity' chorus...very organic number a la 'Spider D' style..
So voila for now,
all these sounds soon listenable on this blog.

Take care guyz,


LDT News !

Hi everyone,

Got exciting news for you.

L'Aroye and Ky feat M.David 'Storm' (LDT 003) is not out yet...but record will be pressed next week and will be available through our vinyl distributor Discograph for beginning of february 2007.

This will soon be followed by

LDT004 - Clearcom & Dunwich 'Misunder' :
it's a great minimal electro track that will highlight your nights i'm sure...just letting you know that the track has just been mastered...lacquers on their way to the pressing plant.

We are planning to put this out in March 2007.

A bientot,


20 Jan 2007

LDT 003 - L'AROYE & Ky feat Marilyn David 'Storm'

Featuring Marilyn David, LDT003 and its storming 80's club mix will be released by beginning of feb 2007.

Djs already supporting us:

Dj Cosmo (Bitches Brew) - Simon Harrisson (Basic Soul radio) - Justin Crawford (Elektrons - Unabombers djs) - Dj Morpheus - Dj Simbad - Romain Bno (Radiororo show) - Henri Kohn (Clubstar) -


LDT 002 - ERIK RUG feat DYNAMAX - 'Tribute' L'aroye & Ky remixes

'Tribute' L'Aroye & Ky remixes was out in june 2006.
Record has been supported by djs like:

Dj Damage (Jazz Liberatorz), Dj Dixon, Inland Knights, Dj Simbad, Alex Atias, Bugz in the Attic, Alex (Jazzanova), Grudgemonkey, Simon Harrisson (Basic soul radio), Dj Cam.
Radio Nova (101.2 Paris) played it on heavy rotation since June 2006.. the song is still played 3 times a day.

The 'Tribute' recreation mix has been taken for the next NOVA TUNES 1.5 Compilatin (official release date 29 jan 2007 - distribution Wagram.fr).

Also, 'Tribute' Bonus dub has just been taken for the next 'Body Language' compilation mixed by Dj Dixon for german label Get Physical Music (Berlin).

LDT 001 - ERIK RUG feat DYNAMAX (of the Zulu nation) 'Tribute to my people'

This is our first release.

'Tribute to my people' original version came out on vinyl in March 2006.

Record has been supported by djs such as:

Rob Mello, Steve Kotey (Chicken Lips - Bear Ent), Bill Brewster (Ministry of Sound radio), Busy P & Dj Mehdi (Ed Bangers), Solo & Uncle O (Toxic Crew), Deenasty, LLorca, Justin Crawford (Unabombers), Marcus Enochson, Claas (Jazzanova), Cyril K (Dialect) and many others.