20 Jan 2007

LDT 002 - ERIK RUG feat DYNAMAX - 'Tribute' L'aroye & Ky remixes

'Tribute' L'Aroye & Ky remixes was out in june 2006.
Record has been supported by djs like:

Dj Damage (Jazz Liberatorz), Dj Dixon, Inland Knights, Dj Simbad, Alex Atias, Bugz in the Attic, Alex (Jazzanova), Grudgemonkey, Simon Harrisson (Basic soul radio), Dj Cam.
Radio Nova (101.2 Paris) played it on heavy rotation since June 2006.. the song is still played 3 times a day.

The 'Tribute' recreation mix has been taken for the next NOVA TUNES 1.5 Compilatin (official release date 29 jan 2007 - distribution Wagram.fr).

Also, 'Tribute' Bonus dub has just been taken for the next 'Body Language' compilation mixed by Dj Dixon for german label Get Physical Music (Berlin).

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